Professional Animal Registrar Services

Get professional animal registrar services that will impress your members! Hiring a professional animal registrar for your breed organization is a critical decision that can have a significant impact on your success in maintaining your breed registry. Registrars play a vital role in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the registry. To learn more about the registrar services we provide and how we can help you achieve success, please continue reading.

If you are buried in mounds of paperwork, we can help

over 10+ years of experience

How we can help a Breed Registry for any type of animal.


Transition technologies

Experience setting up software systems for both PC based and Cloud Based Systems.


Herd Book Integrations

We have integrated numerous herd book platforms to bring members the latest, greatest features.


Processing Registrations

This is where we excel the competition with great customer service and fast turnaround times.


You won't find a more dedicated professional animal registrar anywhere. We have an excellent reputation.


Fast turnaround times, superior customer service, and dedication to providing high-quality registrations.

software set up

Having worked on several software programs, we can help set up and/or improve existing software.

Herd Book Integrations

We have helped several breed organizations with designing and integrating their herd book and software systems.


If your breed registry has pictures on their registrations, we resize and work with those photos to look their best.

Membership Services

Tracking and setting up new members, profiles, billing, welcome emails, renewal emails, and invoicing.


We provide your members with guidance and assistance for every step of the registration process.

help guides

We can create help guides related to the registration process or how to guides on the herd book, DNA and more


We can provide creative, effective newsletters for your organization that are sure to make you look good to your members.

Social media

We provide social media management services for your organization with content creation and digital creations.

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KuneKune Registry

The International KuneKune Pig Society - IKKPS

Current Registrar - Kathy Petersen

Set up and integrated new Cloud based Registration and Herd Book Systems

American KuneKune Pig Society

providing 10 years of Registrar services

Performed startup, herd book integration, and

registrar software integrations. Sole Registrar for 10 years.

Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, and set up accounting software.

Heartland Highland Cattle Association

5 years Current Registrar

Provided startup integration, herd book, and software integrations.

Converted to new Cloud Based Registration & Herd Book Set up and conversion. Maintain registration system, back up and processing registrations.

International Miniature Zebu Association

7 years of experience

Performed herd book integrations and software upgrades, performed registrar, new member services, and webmaster services for 7 years.

Trained New Registrar

What is a Professional Animal Registrar and Registration Services

animal registrar services

If you're a breed organization, you might want to consider hiring a professional animal registration service to manage your registrations. These experts can offer a variety of services, from assisting members and processing pedigree registrations to providing customer service. To learn more about what a Professional Animal Registrar does and how they can benefit you and your breed organization, continue reading.

What is a Professional Animal Registrar?

A Professional Animal Registrar is a specialist who offers registration services for animals. Their primary responsibility is to keep accurate records of animal ownership, breeding, and health. They also ensure that all animals are correctly identified and registered. Professional Animal Registrars work with various animals, including cats, dogs, horses, and livestock. They offer a range of services, such as maintaining membership records, processing registrations, sending renewal invoices, and maintaining software and herd books.

Why do you need animal registration services?

Animal registration services play a vital role in ensuring that animals are properly identified and registered according to the organization's rules and regulations. They also help preserve the breed by maintaining accurate pedigrees and ancestry records. Additionally, registration services can be useful in tracking the spread of diseases and monitoring the health of animal populations. However, processing registrations can be time-consuming. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a professional animal registrar to save time and focus on other duties.

What services do Professional Animal Registrars offer?

Professional Animal Registrars offer a variety of services to assist animal owners and organizations. These services typically include animal registration and identification, DNA testing and verification, pedigree certification, and animal health monitoring. They may also provide support and guidance to members by creating helpful guides and providing customer service. Additionally, some Professional Animal Registrars may offer training and education programs for animal professionals and enthusiasts. Overall, they aim to promote the health, safety, and well-being of animals through effective registration and management practices.

How to choose the right animal registration service for your needs.

When selecting an animal registration service, it's crucial to consider your specific requirements and the services provided by the registrar. Look for a registrar who has expertise and experience in software systems, processing registrations, and a successful track record. Check their reputation and reviews from other customers to ensure they provide trustworthy and high-quality services. Additionally, consider the cost and any additional benefits or resources provided by the registrar, such as creating newsletters, webmaster services, and maintaining accurate records. By taking the time to research and choose the right animal registration service, you can ensure the success of your breed registry.

Benefits of using a Professional Animal Registrar for your registration needs.

Hiring a Professional Animal Registrar can be highly beneficial for your animal registration needs. They possess the expertise and knowledge to ensure that your animal is registered correctly and in compliance with all relevant regulations and rules set forth by the organization. They can also provide support and guidance throughout the registration process, answering any questions you may have and helping the breed organization to navigate any challenges that may arise.

Additionally, many Professional Animal Registrars offer additional resources and benefits, such as membership management services, accounting services, and other support services for your organization. Overall, using a Professional Animal Registrar can provide peace of mind and ensure the best possible outcomes for your breed registry.

In Conclusion

Finding a professional animal registrar may not be an easy task. When choosing a registrar, it's important to consider the future growth of your organization as well. You need a registrar with experience who can take your organization to even higher levels. It's worth noting that not all registrars are created equal. Make sure to check reviews and select a registrar that best suits your needs.